Doublecross Doubleshield

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Co-signing a loan

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A Northern Dynasty

Just 15 months after he was named as heir-apparent, Kim Jong Un was officially dubbed the “Great Successor” on December 19th, when state media finally reported his father’s death. Nominally, at least, that puts North Korea’s 24 million people, many of whom are so destitute they supplement their meagre maize-based subsistence with grass and whatever else they can forage, under his heel. They are spied on by neighbours, and live in a fearful uncertainty, not knowing what might befall them or their families if they step out of line.

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Protector of the rich

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell rejected this week the insistence of some Democrats that federal deficit and debt issues be addressed in part with a tax increase on wealthy Americans, especially those who earn $1 million and more a year. “We just think we shouldn’t be punishing job creators to pay for it,” the Kentucky Republican said. Critics say those “job creators”include many CEOs whose companies survived the recession not by creating jobs but by cutting them or outsourcing them — and then being richly rewarded by boards of directors for cutting expenses.

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Don’t ask

December marked the first anniversary of the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a controversial directive originally intended to make life easier for gays and lesbians in the military but which wound up forcing the discharge of 13,000 from the service over the 18 years it remained in effect and led many thousands more to live a lie.

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The Idle Rich

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Rick Perry’s Motor City Meltdown

Some called it the Motor City Meltdown. In a span of just 55 seconds at last night’s GOP debate in Detroit, the Texas governor promised to eliminate three federal government agencies, and then searched his memory — for what seemed like an eternity — to name a third.  His brain freeze recast the GOP contest in a new light, placing Mitt Romney in a position of unchallenged supremacy to his peers.

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JoePa Is Out

Penn State University today severed ties with its two biggest figures — football coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier — amid a child sex abuse scandal. Paterno, nicknamed “JoePa,” holds the record for the most victories by an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) football coach with 409 and is the only FBS coach to reach 400 victories. Paterno was fired after the arrest of Jerry Sandusky, one of his long-time assistant coaches, onchild sexual abuse charges.

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Can Merkel Come to Greece’s Rescue?

Can German chancellor Angela Merkel engineer a rescue for Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, as he faces EU leaders over his plans for a controversial referendum on the eurozone bailout. French president Nicolas Sarkozy and Merkel met with Papandreou for nearly three hours of emergency talks in Cannes this week.

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