Two-time Pulitzer Prize Winning Political Cartoonist and Illustratrator

A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and chief editorial cartoonist at The Boston Globe from 1967 – 2001, Paul Szep has been described as a pioneering cartoonist with “scathing wit and a drawing style that turns editorial cartoons into pieces of art.” Awards include the international Thomas Nast Prize, two Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi prizes, a National Headliner Award and National Cartoonists Society awards for editorial and sport cartooning. He has also been a contributor to Golf Digest and other publications including Reuters, The St. Petersburg Times and San Francisco Chronicle. He has authored a handful of books, is a Harvard University Fellow and is nationally syndicated by Andrews McMeel Syndication.

He has two children. His son, Jason, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist based in Washington. His daughter, Amy, is an illustrator in Massachusetts.

"Paul Szep is brilliant....he captures in a word or two what many fail to express in an entire conversation." -- Matt Lauer, NBC

"Paul Szep's cartoons are more than just tough shots at the hypocrites, the exploiters, the con-men and the do-nothings. They are subtle thrusts at our level of awareness. And they are telling us to pay attention." -- Robert Redford. 

"The two greatest experts on the anatomy of hell are Dante and Paul Szep. Dante is pretty good, but Szep draws better." -- Russell Baker

"The fastest hand in the East." -- Jimmy Breslin

"Paul Szep is biting, perceptive, universal -- and occasionally sane." -- Bud Collins

"Some lawmakers and establishment figures refer to Szep affectionately as 'The Boston Strangler'; others are less gracious." -- Art Buchwald

"Szep's art glows, and his satire gleams. The result is a lot of light." -- Robert B. Parker

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